Official Discord

The Magpie Discord is a thriving community focused on our favorite thing: games! Join over two hundred amazing community members to discuss games like Masks, Urban Shadows, Bluebeard’s Bride, and Root! This welcoming community space focuses on design, GMing tools and tips, and how to have the best experiences with some of your favorite games.

We have unique channels for each of our games, including the ashcans, so you can connect with other players and GMs, talk about what you bring to the game, and find out how others get the most out of their games. It’s an opportunity to connect with the GMs you played with at conventions like Gen Con or Pax Unplugged, and hear what games they’re running next! Play games with other Magpie fans, connect, and share a welcoming space with some of the best players and GMs out there.

The Discord is one of the best places to get news, talk to the community, get recruited for GMing at conventions, engage with the Curated Play GMs, and hang out with people who genuinely love gaming. There are spaces just for the various streams and podcasts featuring Magpie games, as well as a space to discuss safety tools and tricks.

You can join the Discord today! Just read our code of conduct, hit accept, and dive in! We can’t wait to hang out with you!