Magpie Games Community Code of Conduct

As Magpie Games has grown, we’ve come to manage a number of spaces: live convention spaces, our Discord server, and a multitude of Kickstarters. To ensure a great experience with us, we’ve created some guidelines on best behaviors. While the guidelines below are not exhaustive for being a good member of our community, this is the stuff we think is worth calling out and making explicit. We reserve the right to change or modify these rules as we go forward, and we hope you all have suggestions for additions and modifications as our community spaces grow: 

Be Kind—At some level, we're all here for each other. If we're lucky, we get to have great discussions, challenge our own ideas, and communicate across great distances through tiny screens. But none of that can happen if we're cruel, unfair, or mean to each other. Before you post, ask yourself if you're adding anything of value to the discussion with your words. If not, take a step back and come back when you're ready to be good to everyone else who is here. 

Be Charitable—Assume that everyone here is trying their best. Ask for clarification before you declare something to be racist or sexist or terrible, and quietly report posts that violate these rules and DM us instead of giving the original poster more of your energy. 

Be Specific—Clearly state what kind of information or feedback you’re looking to get from us or the community, and provide enough context so everyone in the conversation understands what you need or want to discuss. When engaging with big topics, ensure you share your experiences rather than speak in generalizations or for an entire group of people.

Be Inclusive—We want to create the most welcoming community we can, both for this space and for our games, so think carefully about how what you're saying might read to someone who isn't you. Derogatory or hurtful comments, jokes, and discourse drive off people who would otherwise be a great part of our community. Let’s make our spaces welcome to everyone!

Be Good—Post your best stuff here. Reach beyond easy answers or simple questions and offer this community your best. We’re always excited to get feedback, but we ask that you take the time to make sure you’re offering us your most thoughtful critique. We are really excited to have you here, and hope you're excited to be here too!

Be Accountable—It’s important that we all take time to reflect and grow. If you witness or are part of a community conflict, take the time to reflect on what you contributed, listen to what needs to happen to move forward, and engage in healthy changes.

In the event someone engages in unacceptable behavior, please report their actions directly and move on. Our team will deal with the issue. 

To talk to us about an issue, use this guide:

At a con… Talk to the event host!

On Discord… DM a moderator!

On Kickstarter… Send us a direct message!

For everything else, email us at 

If you break the rules, we’ll talk—mostly we hope to steer you toward a better path that keeps you in this community. If your behavior is especially flagrant or hurtful, then we may not allow you to continue participating in our spaces, events, or projects.