Pronouns: She/Her

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Jessica Marcrum, also known as angrynerdgirl, is a social worker and silver ENnie winner who dreams of crushing the patriarchy and recycling the rich. A brain witch by day, she spends her evenings creating games and supplements including the Book of Seasons and Dumpster Fire, as well as contributing to publications for Cubicle 7, OnyxPath, and MetalWeave Games. She was one of the first GM’s on TheOnyxPath’s twitch channel, running Paws and Claws: The Lost Tails of Pugmire for three seasons. She also runs Threeflings, the adventures of three tieflings journeying through the Uncaged Anthology on her own channel. She loves to bring vivid characters to life and help her players laugh while also providing them with vibrant emotional connections. An active sensitive reader for mental health and trauma, Jessica utilizes a wide variety of sensitivity tools in her games and emphasizes player comfort regardless of experience. Her cats frequently make their presence known during play.

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Customer Testimonials


“She was very professional about the safety tools and boundaries, which are critical in a horror game, plus she managed to really scare every player at least once.” “Excellent delivery/use of voice/language – Jess really maintained the setting and laid out the scenes SO well – vivid imagery and creative improv – for horror themed games is very important! Also Jess was very VERY good about going over veils/lines/X-Cards & a debrief after this rather intense game, and it created a safe/respectful environment for everyone to play. Great DM and will definitely be picking up her games again!” “I think everyone was new to the game, and Jessica did a wonderful job of immediately getting everyone up to speed and feeling comfortable with the rules in play, and created a fantastic tone with the horror elements, while still making everyone feel safe and able to be themselves.”

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