Pronouns: She/Her

Curated Play Program GM

Prior to running games for the Magpie curated play program, Imani ran Pathfinder Society at her local gaming store weekly. She ran weekly games for almost 2 years prior to moving cross country. She would characterize her GMing style as spontaneous and able to go with the flow of what her players and their characters want to do while sticking to a loose plan of action. Her favorite types of games are plot-heavy and dialogue-heavy games with occasional fights. Imani lives in California with her cats and way too many funko pops.

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Customer Testimonials


“We had one player who was really struggling (and trying hard) to get into character, and Imani showed infinite patience and kindness helping them find their footing in the story. That was awesome to see.” “Imani did a great job nailing those little character moments that make the game shine.” “I appreciate how she balanced giving as a directed experience with a few minor choices to make along the way with opening up to allow us to tackle challenges as we saw fit, and designed a session with that balance in mind.”

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