Pronouns: She/Her

Curated Play Program GM

A Bi Latina San Francisco local, she is best known as Diana Moon. She’s been a gamer all her life, from the Commodore 65 & Atari to anticipating the PS5. She was officially introduced to TTRPGs back in her Jesuit high school, playing and GMing a variety of games! It’s only been in the past few years that she’s been GM’d more regularly, loving to lead her players down a rabbit hole and watching them figure an entirely different path out. And nothing more fun than to collaborate with the players to create an inclusive and fun world to run around in. She loves all manners of genre to read, watch, play in, and lives for interpersonal relationship drama, but with the players coming out on top. Is a complete movie buff and fan of her City.

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Customer Testimonials


“Diana was really good at passing the spotlight around and making sure everyone could shine, and make meaningful choices. Also, Diana is really good at making appropriate-for-the-fiction MC moves when misses and mixed successes came up.” “Diana was really clever at building what felt like a real lived in space, the characters she created were very cool, and the way she took the ideas we invented for our characters and folded them in was really cool and impressive.” “Diana was AMAZING. She was warm and welcoming and completely happy to help any of us any time we seemed as if we were unsure. She gave us a fantastic story full of surprises and laughs and fun. I have already recommended her to my friends!”

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