Pronouns: He/They

Curated Play Program GM

Anders has been playing tabletop RPGs for about 3 years, and still isn’t sure how he didn’t discover them sooner. A theatre kid turned art teacher, becoming a GM was love at first sight. They even credit roleplaying games and inclusive spaces within the community as helping him discover their genderfluid identity. Beyond his nerdy interests, Anders is also an avid boxer and animal enthusiast. Their two furry, feline children, Cinna and Prim, often join in on their roleplaying fun by hogging the camera and snoring in the background. Anders’ GMing style focuses a lot on establishing tones, and creating visual landscapes for the players to fill with their characters. They strive to run a safe gaming space, where everyone can have fun and every player can shine.

Game Schedule

Safety Tools


Anders uses the following tools in their games:

  • Lines and Veils
  • The X Card
  • Red/Yellow/Green
  • Stars and Wishes

If you are not familiar with the safety tools, more information on lines and veils is available here, while more information about the x card is available here.