Wesley has been playing and running games for over 6 years. From D&D to Fate, Masks, and Vampire the Masquerade his interests run the gamut. He loves the process of collaborating with other people to make a reality out of nothing. Through his work in the disability space, his lifelong practice of martial arts, and his experiences as a person of color, he has seen the power of storytelling in revealing our shared experiences. He loves showing others how powerful they can be when they lean into their vulnerabilities and how powerless they can be when relying only on their individual strengths. Most of all, gaming speaks to him because he learns something about himself every time he sits down to play.

Wesley is a highly collaborative GM. He prides himself on being a fan of his players and helping them realize whatever character fantasy they came to the table to experience. He tends to focus on developing realistic depictions of nuanced NPCs; particularly how they reveal aspects of the player characters. He is also a big proponent of exploring the (non-punitive) consequences of the player’s actions (looking at you Nova).

Wesley is drawn to anything involving the supernatural, magic, eldritch horror, superpowers, and fantastic locals. He loves games that put spins on mythologies and legends with a healthy mix of combat, exploration, and emotional expression.

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