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Curated Play Program GM

Lili Sparx is the girl with many lives. Since her introduction to TTRPG in 2018, Lili has run a variety of systems for many people in a lot of different places. She got her start in Toronto as part of a large Toronto DND community. From there she became more active in the streaming community, appearing on several notable channels. Lili has also run games at conventions like Gencon and Pax Unplugged.

An avid roleplayer and amateur voice artist, Lili tries to portray a wide range of characters from diverse walks of life. The stories that Lili crafts are often based on emotions and experience, and the games she runs are no different. So if you’re looking for games involving soul searching and moral dilemmas, with an emphasis on fun and comedy, then Lili’s games are probably a good fit for you.

Pronouns: She/They

Twitter: @Lilisparx