The Last Days of Anglekite (Chaos Worlds)

The Last Days of Anglekite (Chaos Worlds)


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Dungeon World supplement, The Last Days of Anglekite features:

    • 6"x9" Softcover Book

    • Black & White Interior

    • Rich & Vivid Apocalyptic Setting

    • New Dungeon World Bonds, Drives, & Fronts

    • New Mass Combat Battle Rules

    • 30+ Monsters & Magic Items

    • 5 New Compendium Classes

    • GM Advice for Running Longcons

    • Free PDF via DriveThruRPG

The world is dying. Everyone knows it.

Her skies green and sickly. Her forests are dark and foreboding. Her clouds billow and roil across the sky. The scent of the end hangs in the air, and the touch of death has burrowed into the bones of every living creatre, including the people of Crater Basin and the last great city of the living, Anglekite.

The end is certain, but the form it will take is unknown.

    • Will it be the Pyrewyrm, prophesied to burn down the world in a final battle with the wielder of the Angelbone Blade?
    • Will it be the slow death brought by Scourge Karkis, the 200 foot tall giant that murders all life it finds?
    • Will it be some thing worse, some Thing from beyond this world, scratching at the cracks, aching to get inside....and feed?
    • Or will the world, the Crater Basin, and the last city of Anglekite, mount one final defense and stave off the end for a while longer?

This new large-scale Dungeon World adventure (suitible for playing with 3-20 players) contains everything your group needs to play the final days of the Crater Basin, including Dangers, Fronts, and additional obsicales. It also contains new monsters, new magical items, and new compendium classes to flesh out the world, as well as a set of basic rules for fights that utilize large forces against titanic creatures.

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