Talon Hill Quickstart (Root: The RPG)

Talon Hill Quickstart (Root: The RPG)


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A Root: The Roleplaying Game Quickstart - the Talon Hill Quickstart features:

    • 8.5"x11" Softcover Booklet
    • Full Color Interior
    • All rules necessary to play Root: The Roleplaying Game
    • 6 pregenerated characters
    • Important NPCs, locations, and conflicts

    • Free PDF via DriveThruRPG

War has returned to the Woodland. 

In this quickstart, political turmoil and a conflict of succession threatens the fate and stability of the clearing of Talon Hill (and possibly all of the Eyrie!). In the midst of the Woodland War, the clearing is locked into conflict as three contenders of the Kingfisher family fight for their claim to the ashwood throne of Talon Hill. As vagabonds, you must navigate these dangerous and complicated state of affairs. You choose whom you will serve, or assist, if anyone… and you may tip the balance of the war in this key location!

Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game is based on the award-winning Root: A Game of Woodland Might & Right board game. In Root: The TTRPG, you play vagabonds, going on adventures and changing the Woodland with your actions. This booklet is a sampling of the core rules of Root: The TTRPG, created for Free RPG Day. It has all the necessary instructions for starting to play, as well as an entire prewritten clearing that will give you a strong situation for one or two sessions of play. This includes:

  • Basic moves and rules to play
  • Six pregenerated characters
  • Important NPCs, locations, and conflicts
  • Special weapon moves for combat

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