Zombie World Demos at Gen Con 2019

We finally made it to the first day of Gen Con! We spent all day yesterday putting together our booth and getting ready to greet all of you. We’re at booth 1348 in Exhibit Hall I with demos, smiling faces, and… three new games we just released today! 

Check out Zombie World at our booth, so come pick them up while we still have copies. If you’re not attending Gen Con, no worries! All products are available at our webstore.

Zombie World

You survived through the first year of the zombie apocalypse. You dodged all the gnashing teeth and clammy hands and made your way here, to one of few enclaves of survivors left. The man who bunks next to you is starting to look a little bit… well… undead, and there’s a hole in the fence that you don’t have the resources to fix. This is not how you thought your life was going to go. 

Zombie World is a card-based tabletop roleplaying game designed by Mark Diaz Truman and Brendan Conway. You and your friends play the survivors of the zombie apocalypse in an enclave of your choosing. You face a tense mixture of undead danger and social tension, creating stories like the ones you see on The Walking Dead

 In addition to the core box, we are releasing two supplemental enclaves: The Mall and The Farm. They can be used to create new and suspenseful settings for your community of survivors!

Zombie World was kickstarted last summer and we’re thrilled to finally have the full game at Gen Con! If you’re not attending the convention, you can  pre-order now on our website (shipping August 15).

Available here! 

On the webstore there are also versions of the core box and the full set (core+both supplements) available with discount codes for 50% off the Roll20 versions of the game.