Complete Zombie World set at Gen Con 2019!

Since 2018, we fought the undead, saw aliens crash landing on Earth, and sailed the stormy seas. Now we’re getting geared up for an even more thrilling adventure: Gen Con 2019!

This year we’re back and bigger than ever, with a booth, a game room, new games, and even a few panels. We’re thrilled to tell you all about it!

New Products at our Booth

This year at Gen Con we’re at Booth #1348 in Exhibit Hall I of the Indianapolis Convention Center. We’re manning the booth so stop by to say hello!

We’ll be running demos of Zombie World -- our newest game -- right in the booth. You can check out what it's like in action, but if you want to look at our other games, no worries, we’re bringing all the usual suspects—Bluebeard’s Bride, Masks, Urban Shadows, Epyllion, and Undying— along with our newer products like Zombie World and our ashcans.

Zombie World is our first ever card-based rpg, designed by Brendan Conway and Mark Diaz Truman. Kickstarted last summer during Gen Con, Zombie World tells the story of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. The cards simplify the process of building a setting and your characters. Together your group chooses the location for your survivor enclave, and then goes into character creation where you each get a Past, Present, and Trauma. We’re also releasing two additional setting supplements: The Mall and The Farm, to give you more places to hide out when the undead come clawing at your door.

In addition to Zombie World, we’re releasing two new ashcan games at Gen Con: Passing and Rapscallion. Our ashcan program is designed to highlight new designers and we’re excited to have the chance to introduce these games to you.

Passing is a Powered by the Apocalypse game designed by Sarah "Sam" Saltiel. It mixes alien fiction with all the tension and suspense of an undercover spy set up. You play shape shifting aliens trapped on Earth, trying to remain undetected in a 1950’s suburb. As the world becomes increasingly hostile, you must undergo dangerous covert missions to secure safety for yourself and the other members of your alien Cell. Is there anyone you can really trust?

Not only is Passing being released for the first time, it's also playable in our game room! There are still a few slots left, so sign up before they sell out.

The game room is open and running from 10am-10pm. Drop by and you might just catch an open seat.

We can barely wait to see everyone there!


Booth: #1348, Exhibit Hall I, first floor in the back of the Indianapolis Convention Center

Game Room: #245, second floor of the Indianapolis Convention Center

Panels: The Hyatt, Studio 1

(The GenCon map can help guide the way!)