The Purrrfect Kickstarter: Wizard Kittens

Imagine entering a world where all your actions will either be adorned by charms or curses and you will have troupe of magical monsters waiting to turn the tables around at the most unexpected moments. Feels like an unattainable episode from the fantasy right? Well, let us break the ice for you. You can experience all this and more in the game of Wizard Kittens which, at the moment, is sitting on the top of the table in Kickstarter simply because of its immense popularity and intriguing features.

The best part about Wizard Kittens lies in the fact that you can join 2-4 of your best friends in a challenging wizardly round of play! The plan is very simple; all you will have to do is collect the most points either by defeating the curses that have been rolled out against you, or wait until Professor Whispurr has caught hold of the other players. What distinguishes this game from the rest is that it has two possible ways of winning implying that your chances of emerging victorious will just get doubled. It’s your time to show them how it’s done!

If you haven’t checked out Wizard Kittens on Kickstarter your missing out on a bunch of exclusives!

Check out the link below to see that cat chaos we are talking about!