A Sneak Peek Inside Wizard Kittens

At the beginning of March, we took a trip down to Reno, NV to promote our newest card game, at The GAMA Expo. GAMA (Game Manufacturers Association) has become the premier trade association for the hobby games industry. Its mission is to promote the general interest of all persons engaged in the buying, selling, licensing, and manufacturing of hobby game products.

It was 3 fun-filled days packed with games, games and more games! But who are we to complain, we take gaming seriously! With hundreds of vendors and thousands of the newest games, we did our best to take full advantage to purrrmote our newest creation!

We were lucky enough to partner with Board Game Geek and gave them a sneak peek inside our latest and cutest card game, Wizard Kittens.

Check out the video below of Mark Diaz Truman walking Jon Cox (from Board Game Geek) through the process of how to play Wizard Kittens.


**Update** Unfortunately Due to Covid-19 our release date had been delayed a couple of weeks. As soon as we have a confirmed date release date we will make sure to update you.