Gen Con Announcement: Root

Root: A Woodland Game of Might and Right is an award-winning board game from Leder Games. It uses asymmetric mechanics to feature a battle for power and territory between woodland creatures. In October, we announced that we reached a multi-year licensing agreement with Leder Games to produce a tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Root.

We’re thrilled to finally announce that Root is kickstarting in September. Root the tabletop roleplaying game is created by our designers Mark Diaz Truman and Brendan Conway (designers of Masks, Urban Shadows, Zombie World, and others). They’ve worked hard to bring a different angle to the Root’s forest setting while still keeping the most important parts (adorable woodland creatures, of course).

Once we kickstart Root, we plan to deliver on its release before Gen Con 2020. You can go here and subscribe to the Root mailing list to get updates as we get closer to the kickstarter.