Roll The Dice With Role

Role launched on Kickstarter last week (raising over $30k!), and we here at Magpie Games are excited to be partnering with them to offer an exclusive Masks playset to backers: Cataclysm at the Metajunction! Packed to the brim with Masks multiverse action, this new playset puts your heroes at the center of a conflict that can decide the fate of…pretty much everything!

Check it out here:

To get a better understanding of what Role is and why we are working with them to bring exclusive content to the platform, continue reading!

What is Role?

Role is a modern, clean, and robust digital gaming platform that hopes to make online gaming easier for players and gamemasters alike with new tools and an easy-to-use interface. Featuring drag-and-drop character templates, a super cool dice roller, and stable video chat, Role promises to be an awesome new addition to the online gaming space.

One of the other main features of Role is that its founders are working with several independent creators to bring their ideas to the platform. We’re always excited to see new projects featuring such a diverse list of creators, such as Massif Press, Skullfungus, Swordsfall, Sword Queen Games, and Steven Medeiros . It’s been clear to us from our first conversations with them that they are excited to support new and diverse ideas.

We’re also honored that Role asked us to contribute something to the project, and we’re excited to offer an exclusive playset for Masks: A New Generation to anyone who backs the Role campaign. The playset will be featured on their site when it launches next year!

Role RPG Platform: Core Features

Role promises a lot of innovative features for online play, including a player and GM matching service where you can search for other players based on specific interests, location, and experience. Here are some of the other core features you can expect to gain access to when the Role platform launches:

· DRM-Free online store

· Code-free character sheets

· Tools to meet new players and gamemasters

· Stable online video chat

· Exclusive titles only available through Role

· And much more!

You can pledge to the Role Kickstarter campaign for as little as $5, getting you access to all sorts of exclusive deals: your name on the thank page of the official website, three exclusive premium skins for the platform's table online interface, and access to early private Role programs. And don't forget that when you back the Role project at any level, you'll also get a free exclusive playset for Masks!

The full public launch of the Role platform is scheduled for 2021. However, at the end of this year, there will be an early private access beta version rolled out to those who have backed the campaign. Head over to the Role Kickstarter page to see how you can be a part of the project! We’re excited to see you there (and online as soon as Role launches)!

- Magpie Games HQ