Gen Con Announcement: Armored Society

We’ve had a slate of new game announcements this Gen Con 2019 with our last announcement pertaining to a game that we’re sending to Kickstarter in late 2021. Though that seems like a long way off, Brendan has been hard at work creating...Armored Society.

Armored Society is a tabletop RPG of politics, culture, adventure, and magic. Set in the Irish/Celtic-mythology-inspired Serland but characterized by a complicated, multicultural setting, Armored Society invokes works ranging from A Song of Ice and Fire to Pride & Prejudice to Arthurian legend to The Witcher. Designed for multi-session play with semi-random characters, Armored Society allows players to tell their own stories at the meeting point of history and myth. (Plus they get to wear super cool armor).
Keep your eyes peeled and your swords ready for more updates on Armored Society as we get closer to the Kickstarter date.