"The Play's The Thing" Kickstarter to Launch Monday

Hey Magpies! Even though the school semester has kept the Magpie Games staff busy with non-Magpie Games projects, we've been hard at work on launching our first title, "The Play's The Thing." Mark has edited our Game Chef 2011 entry, and Marissa has completed a bunch of illustrations for the final book. This Monday, we're planning on launching our Kickstarter for "The Play's The Thing." We're excited to bring the book to you guys with expanded roles and relationships, new information about Histories, Tragedies, and Comedies, and a professional package of character sheets and Playwright aids. The Rewards for the Kickstarter will range from the PDF to a softcover edition of the book to exclusive Kickstarter-only chances to have your image used as a Signature Character. We hope you're ready to pledge starting Monday!