The Last Days of Anglekite Have Arrived!

The Last Days of Anglekite Kickstarter is here! We've been working on this project for over a year now, and we're proud to finally be able to put it in your hands! The Last Days of Anglekite started as a LongCon Dungeon World scenario for KristaConNYC, so it was originally designed to be an epic 3 session game over the course of a single weekend. The text was one of the rewards for backing that event, but it quickly ballooned outward from there. Brendan Conway's text was too big to be simply released, and so after a lot of editing by Mark Diaz Truman and John Adamus, a lot of drawing by Juan Ochoa, and a lot of layout by Nathan Paoletta, we've gotten it to a place where we're proud of the book that it has become. And the great news is that if this Kickstarter goes well, we're going to do more Chaos Worlds, starting with The Cold Ruins of Lastlife! Cover_12_FINAL So check out the Kickstarter, where you can find out all about what's inside the book. Here's to more Chaos Worlds!