The Encyclopedia Takes Flight!

From the heartbreaking retelling of the Legend of the Great Sage Tree, to the terrifying report of the Kraken that lurk deep in the waters surrounding Dragonia, to the amusing recital of the Moonflower Clutch’s antics, the tales within these pages will bring Dragonia’s history to life. Learning why the Sky City fell, how the Umbra first struck, and what drove House Kebros to betray the other Houses during the War are among the adventures waiting for the truly brave and their friends; knowledge that, once uncovered, will fill in blank spaces on your map of Dragonia, or perhaps draw you in further....

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Encyclopedia Draconica 2018Epyllion: A Dragon Epic is a tabletop roleplaying game where you play dragons in a dragon-centric world. You are the sons and daughters of the Dragonlords, mighty rulers who need your help to investigate rumors, solve problems, and discover the truth of a growing evil in the land. The Encyclopedia Draconica, Volume 1: Tales & Stories is a supplement for Epyllion that contains encyclopedic entries on the tales and stories of Dragonia, featuring new playbooks, exciting entries, and unique moves that add depth to the history of Dragonia while giving players and GMs new tools for play! What You Get:
  • A collection of rituals and ideas to enrich draconic culture, from aging to festivals to urban legends.
  • New history fleshing out the Shadow War and how individual Houses interacted with it and each other during that time.
  • Four new playbooks: The Elementalist, The Envoy, The Orphan, and The Rebel, along with advice on how to use them in your game.
Epyllion: A Dragon Epic makes use of the same rules-light engine as Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, Dungeon World, Urban Shadows, and Masks: A New Generation to create stories about young dragons in the vein of Spyro the Dragon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Fellowship of the Ring. Get it here: