Check out Chaos World at Gen Con 2018

The day is drawing near! We are so excited about all of you at Gen Con in August. We’ve been busy getting ready for all of the things that we have to share with you and so we have a sneak peek at some of the things that we’ll be offering. You can find all of our games listed under Host: Magpie Games, or click the link here:

Chaos World On Offer

We’ll be offering all of your Magpie favorites Masks, Bluebeard’s Bride, Urban Shadows, Cartel, Undying, our Dungeon World settings, Velvet Glove, Our Last Best Hope, and Epyllion in our game room (#245 in the convention center).

We only have a few seats left so be sure to sign up while there are still some available!

Merevore Juan Ochoa The Last Days of Anglekite 2014But will you join us and come explore our Chaos World settings, The Last Days of Anglekite, The Cold Ruins of Lastlife, and The Green Law of Varkith. Our own spin on Dungeon World, they will propel you through new and interesting narratives so you can spend your time in this fantastical world!


Magpie will have our own game room this year. We’ll be on the second floor in room 245. To find us, just take the stairs up and walk towards the Hoosier balcony, then look for the room full of purple! We’re thrilled to have over 100 sessions of our games running over the course of Gen Con, with wonderful MCs and nine different games to choose from.

If after playing a game you want to head down to our booth to take a look at our full range of offerings, just exit the room and go down the stairs that will be down the hallway and on your left. Once you find yourself in the exhibition hall, we’re in Hall G near the back of the convention center. We’ll be sharing booth #2459 with Indie Press Revolution. Come say hello and check out all the new products that we have to offer. We can't wait to see you!