Are you a predator? Or prey?

Predator or Prey?

A predator is made by first selecting the chosen. From among the prey, the one that exhibits the most prized traits is taken. Finding your chosen requires patience and resolve – and may require a guiding hand for them to achieve their necessary potential.

When the reborn predator awakens, it awakens with a maddening, unreserved thirst for blood. For this reason, it is best to restrain the chosen prior to the awakening, but within easy reach of the prey gathered for the express purpose of sating the reborn predator’s thirst.

After a proper feeding, the reborn predator will, though often possessed with a tremendous grief (this is a normal consequence of rebirth), become calm and docile. Then, the new predator may be inducted into their undying family and instructed in the ways of the predator.

Undying is a diceless tabletop roleplaying game about vampirism. Each player takes on the role of a vampire who stalks human prey in the night. Blood is your all-consuming passion, the object of your deepest desires and most primal needs. Your free will—your very self-determination—is a thin façade, a skin-deep veneer of civility gilding the parasite you truly are. Can you retain your humanity in the face of such desires?

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UndyingUndying features… A narrative system that balances nightly drama against the sweep of centuries A collection of playbooks that enables memorable character creation A blood token system that pushes players to bluff and bet against their opponents A Byzantine political structure that draws characters into bitter conflicts A lore system that allows customization to fit any vampire genre You can find Undying on the Magpie Games store. Use the coupon PREDATORORPREY for 25% off Undying plus free shipping on your whole order until June 30th! Check it out here: Prefer your games to be digital only? Get 25% off of the PDF of Undying on DriveThruRPG: Offer expires June 30th.

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