The Book of Rooms is now in glorious print!

Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Rooms Bluebeard's Bride 2018

The wooden frame is decorated with dark repetitive patterns arcing over the curved-top door. Two small rings serve as door handles, opening inwards, splitting the door in two. The room beckons. You enter, and the door closes behind you. The air in the bathhouse is filled with the heady scent of perfumed oils, torrid and oppressive. Steam floods over the floor—scrolling arabesque tiles of aquamarine flowers, saffron maned lions, and burgundy simurghs. A steel drain was forged to appear like lush foliage with flowers and leaves. Soft whines escape the drain, the pipes below exhaling from the heat. The mist plays at the paws of two granite lions leaping at one another, forming an arch over a decadent sofa at the end of the room. A large stone pool in the center of the room is carved with gallant horses fleeing an oncoming flood.

The Book of Rooms is now available in print! Get the print copy + PDF here, or the digital copy alone on DriveThruRPG.

Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Rooms Bluebeard's Bride 2018The Book of Rooms is the first supplement for Bluebeard’s Bride, a tabletop role playing game where you and your friends explore Bluebeard’s home as the Bride, creating your own beautifully tragic version of the classic dark fairy tale. Behind each door of the Book of Rooms is a chamber full of everything a Groundskeeper could ever need to awe Bluebeard’s new Bride, ready to use at the table. Lock yourself in and marvel at these fully illustrated rooms that can be read aloud during the game, each with fleshed-out and slavering threats, mysterious objects that cajole closer inspection, and horrors that lurk in the shadows, including:
  • The Kitchen: A broad stone room with an uneven floor, hot from the oven's fumes, and dominated by a rotund man with a chipped cleaver.
  • The Kennel: A shadowy room lit by flickering gas lamps, filled with muzzles, leashes, and a two-foot tall door, not meant for humans.
  • The Sex Room: A black room that smells of honey sweat, with a padded cot covered in black leather, with buckles and straps at each corner.
Bluebeard’s Bride is based on the Powered by the Apocalypse system used in Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, Urban Shadows, and more. Bluebeard’s Bride produces adult feminine horror fiction like Crimson Peak, American Horror Story, or The Company of Wolves, making it fun for horror fans and dark fairy tale fans alike. Get the print copy here: