Deck of Objects and Tarot of Servants out Now!

Certain objects may provide clues to Bluebeard’s Bride, perhaps signaling her place in society…

Thick masses of hair fill the bathtub halfway to the top, individual strands stirring… a voice screams, "UNCLEAN!"

Some hinting at her husband's true nature…

Scintillating flecks of light shine, each one like a fragment of time trapped in a single moment. Shining smiles, adoring looks, a body frozen as blood spews from a knife-wound.

And some indicators as to the fates of her predecessors...

The tool shows signs of the polish it must have once sported, but they’re hidden beneath smudged layers and flecks of brown. The edges of the speculum are jagged, cracked, and sharp.

What untold horrors will your bride uncover?

Two Bluebeard's Bride game accessories are now available to all non-backers! Get both the Deck of Mysterious Objects and Tarot of Servants on the Magpie Games webstore!

The Deck of Mysterious Objects includes 48 illustrated objects, three deluxe ring cards, five double-sided turn order cards, and instructions for creating your own mysterious objects. Read these cards aloud and watch your players squirm in their seats as they search Bluebeard’s haunted mansion.

The Tarot of Servants is a fully illustrated dark-occult tarot deck that features horrors from Bluebeard’s mansion, inspired by the roleplaying game based on the fairy tale. This 84 card deck twists the traditional Rider Waite tarot and expands it with alternate Major Arcana from the Deck of Thoth, containing all you need for traditional or custom readings and also serves as a tool for creating Bluebeard’s loathsome servants during a game of Bluebeard’s Bride.

Bluebeard’s Bride is a Indie Arcade Judges Choice-award winning investigative horror roleplaying game in which players create their own beautifully tragic version of the dark fairy tale by exploring Bluebeard's mansion, experiencing nightmarish phantasmagoria, and discovering the truth in order to decide whether you are a faithful or disloyal bride.