BOO-beard's Bride Halloween Sale!

We’re a week away from our favorite holiday here at Magpie Games: Halloween! We’re so excited to don our spookiest skeletons, flash some fangs, and hoard the tastiest candies.

In honor of this week’s Halloween haunting, we’re excited to announce a treat for fans of Magpie Games -- no costumes or trickery necessary! For one week only, today, October 25, through November 1st, all Bluebeard’s Bride products are on sale! All of the books and card decks in the product line will be 25% on our webstore and on DriveThruRpg, and if you buy the full set, they’ll be 40% off! While you dress up in colorful costumes, both creepy and cute, we’ll bring the horror to you.

Bluebeard’s Bride is our game of feminine horror, designed by Marissa Kelly, Sarah Doombringer, and Whitney “Strix” Beltrán. It tells the story of a new Bride taken to the dark and mysterious home of her husband. In this game, you and your friends play the Bride, creating your own beautifully tragic version of the dark Bluebeard fairy tale. You investigate the different rooms of his home, discover the truth about what happened in those eerie halls, experience the nightmarish phantasmagoria hiding just beneath the surface, and ultimately decide whether you will be a faithful or disloyal bride.

Bluebeard’s Bride draws from inspirations such as Crimson Peak, American Horror Story, and The Company of Wolves. It’s structured like a dauntingly dark and horrific haunted house, luring the players in for the most chilling experience they’ll have this Halloween season.

Buy the core game here.

Bluebeard’s Bride also has three supplements, as well as two card decks that will improve the play experience:

Book of Rooms

Book of Rooms is our first supplement, providing fully illustrated rooms with fleshed-out threats, mysterious objects that cajole closer inspection, and horrors that lurk in the shadows. Whether the Groundskeeper wants to take the rooms and directly implement them into their game or draw from them for inspiration, Book of Rooms provides a plethora of new material for the room generation that is at the core of every game of Bluebeard’s Bride.

Buy Book of Rooms here.

Book of Lore

Book of Lore is a fiction supplement for the game, with a 98 page retelling of the Bluebeard fairytale, filled with nightmarish and hallucinogenic images of the Bride’s journey through her husband’s mansion. Though the fairy tale may be old, it is not immutable. Book of Lore demands that the reader chooses the terrible fate that befalls the new Bride.

Buy Book of Lore here.

Book of Mirrors

Book of Mirrors is the final supplement, providing players with five new versions of the game to explore -- if they dare. The setting changes, but the twisted horror remains. Book of Mirrors gives players the chance to play as Bluebeard’s son, a boarding school governess, a patient in a condemned asylum, a showgirl new to a dark carnival, or the first female guard at Granville Correctional Facility. Bluebeard’s sinister power follows and haunts the players through each setting, finding new ways to bend them to his will.

Buy Book of Mirrors here.

The Tarot of Servants

The Tarot of Servants is a fully illustrated 84 card deck featuring the art of Jabari Weathers. It is fully functional for custom or traditional tarot readings, and works as a tool to help the Groundskeeper create the Bluebeard’s tortured and vicious servants that lurk in the shadows just behind the Bride’s shoulder.

Buy The Tarot of Servants here.

The Deck of Mysterious Objects

The Deck of Mysterious Objects is full of cards that can be directly used in play, with 48 illustrated objects, three deluxe ring cards, five double-sided turn order cards, and instructions for creating your own mysterious objects. It makes it easy for the Groundskeeper to populate their games with unnerving and unnatural objects for the players to investigate.

Buy The Deck of Mysterious Objects here.

Go check out the hauntingly beautiful artwork and terrifyingly twisted narratives of Bluebeard’s Bride… if you dare!