About Us

We are lifelong gamers who have come together to create things we’ve never seen. Whether they’re stories of Mexican drug cartels, mortals and monsters wanting control of a modern-day city, or playing teenage superheroes trying to forge their own path, we strive to give our fans experiences they won’t find anywhere else.

Since our inception, we’ve financed almost all of our projects through crowdfunding. It lets us engage directly with our fans and get critical input so we can make games we know they’ll love. The majority of our projects are tabletop roleplaying games that give players a chance to inhabit meaningful roles and get lost in unique and intricate worlds. But with the support of our community, we’ve been able to branch out to other formats, including card games and card-based RPGs.

Mark Truman and Marissa Kelly started Magpie Games in early 2011 to bring new stories and experiences to the gaming industry that has brought so much joy to their lives. Since then, we’ve built a dedicated team of like-minded individuals to grow our community and continue to produce unparalleled gaming experiences.

Thank you for your continued support, and for helping us give life to new worlds, characters, and stories.