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The streets bleed shadows…

Urban Shadows is an urban fantasy game of supernatural drama and political intrigue set in a modern-day city. Some of the characters in this story are mortal, but they are caught up in a world of supernatural debts and obligations.

Urban Shadows is a game about cities, the people who live in them, and the machines that make them run. It’s a political game, one that challenges preconceptions about conflicts between communities, and asks players to navigate complex identities in a demanding social structure. It is personal and political for mortals and monsters alike.

| 3-5 players | 2-4 hour sessions | Rated Teen | PbtA |


Product Line

System Highlights


Everyone owes someone for what they have–it’s all about who you owe and who owes you!


Absolute power… corrupts absolutely. New abilities offer power at a cost!

Guide to PbtA

The rulebook represents the refinement and accumulation of our learning about PbtA games.


Packed full of guidance and PbtA techniques, this 6”x9” book contains the advice and rules that empower you to make your own memorable characters and politics to bring a vibrant supernatural city to life at your table.

Dark Streets

Dark Streets is a supplement that expands the choices, setting, and mechanics to engage new and experienced players alike.

With four new playbooks: 

  • The Hallowed 
  • The Revenant
  • The Scholar
  • The Vessel

Make The City Yours!

PDF-only Playbooks

Play New Characters! 

PDF-only playbooks for Urban Shadows are available on DriveThru. 

Add the Dragon and the Immortal to your game.

Urban Shadows Dice

Drop A Name & Roll The Dice! 

Two official Urban Shadows six sided dice. Each die is a deep black engraved with a white city-scape logo on the “1” face. 

Keep your cool at the table with these Urban Shadows dice.

PDF-only City Guide

Discover A New City! 

PDF-only playsets and city guides for Urban Shadows are available on DriveThru. 

Create a wolf pack with Los Cazados or explore new streets in the Berlin City Guide.


Core Play Materials 

Press & Media

Actual Play
Awards & Ackowledgments

  • Urban Shadows: 2016 Ennie Award winner
  • Urban Shadows: 2015 Golden Geek Game of the Year Award nominee
  • Urban Shadows: 2015 IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Award nominee
  • Urban Shadows: 2014 Golden Geek Game of the Year Award nominee

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