Streaming and Media Kit

We are thrilled to see so many content creators making podcasts, articles, and videos about games!  The team here at Magpie Games wants to support these creators as best we can.

Streaming FAQ

Want to feature our games on your stream? For anyone looking to feature one of our products, here are some commonly asked questions we’ve gotten from content creators:

Can I feature your game for an actual play?

Absolutely! We are thrilled to have gamers playing our games for an audience!

Can I use your cover art for my streaming and promotion?

Yes! In addition, we’re happy to share some of our art resources with anyone reviewing or running our game. Below are packs of art resources for our most popular games.

What other resources are available to streamers and reviewers?

That depends on the game. If you’re interested in something more than art resources, please shoot a message to us at

Will you share my episode on your social media?

We’ll have to check it out before sharing, but in general we are happy to promote content featuring our products or designers. Please let us know when you plan to release your work and tag us to remind us that it’s live!

Two weeks’ lead time is preferable for letting us know about an episode that is going to air, and we will not share any episode given to us more than three days after airing. If you want your content to be regularly shared for the purposes of a campaign, schedules must be clearly communicated beforehand. We reserve the right to not share episodes depending on schedule, content, and other factors.

Download Art Assets

If you’re interested in using art from our games in your stream or article, please download one of the provided art packs listed below. They include mock ups, covers, logos, and a bit of additional art for each game.

Interview Our Staff

We’re always thrilled to talk about our games! Our availability is schedule dependent, so contact us with information about who you would be interested in interviewing and what topics you would like to cover so we can get you on the calendar.

In general, we’re most excited to talk about:

  • Publishing Process
  • Upcoming Projects
  • Game Mechanics
  • Designer Bios

Additional Information….

For additional information, please contact our Director of Marketing and Sales, Sam Saltiel at