Urban Shadows 2E (Helena - July 23 Two-Shot)


Helena Real (She/Her)




7:00 PM - 11:00 PM ET




Two Shot

Urban Shadows 2E (Helena - July 23 Two-Shot)

The wizard Aurelia (she/her) has recruited all of you for a dangerous mission. A spaceship crashed on the city outskirts last night, and she wants all the information about it and artifacts you may find. The problem? The ship fell on Arald’s territory, and the werewolf pack leader isn’t willing to let you, nor anybody else near the crash site. How far are you willing to go to get the lion’s share of this massive discovery… and get some Debt out of a powerful wizard?

Urban Shadows is an urban fantasy tabletop roleplaying game in which mortals and monsters vie for control of a modern-day city, a political battleground layered just under the reality we think we know. Vampires, faeries, hunters, and wizards fight to carve out a piece of the streets and skyscrapers, ready to make deals with all those who have something to offer.

The city is waiting for you. The streets bleed shadows as the supernatural politics of the city threaten to swallow you whole. Will you die a hero—a savior for those who have never had enough—or live long enough to become the villain? Will you fight the darkness…or give in for power? The choice is yours.

Please make sure you can commit to all sessions before purchasing tickets to this event. The schedule is:

  • July 23rd, 2024: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM ET
  • July 30th, 2024: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM ET

Content Warnings: stylized violence, R-rated for language and adult themes
Pregens: No
Medium: Voice + Video Optional
Platform: Discord + Google Sheets