Root: The RPG (Helena- February 20) Two-Shot


Helena Real (She/Her)




7:00pm - 11:00pm Eastern




Two Shot

Root: The RPG (Helena- February 20) Two-Shot

As the coldest days of winter keep most animals at home, you’ve received a most difficult and challenging request: to go deep into the forest between Stonehearth and Mirrorpool to save those who’ve disappeared in recent weeks when going out looking for food. You would’ve refused, but the whole situation is too intriguing not to investigate. You were recruited by a cat, Thierry Colbert (they/them) who’s part of the Woodland Alliance—against their kin—and you found out there are rumors of a cult behind the disappearances. How far will you go to uncover the truth about this whole thing?

In Root, you play vagabonds, outcasts from the normal society of the woodlands who have come to live in the spaces between, whether that's in the forests themselves or on the fringes of society. You are competent and skilled—you have to be to survive as vagabonds—and you aren’t tied down to any particular place or faction.

You might be a badger arbiter, serving many sides in resolving conflicts and defending their interests. You might be a cat scoundrel, sliding on your mask before you sneak out into the darkness to cause mischief and mayhem. Or you might be a wolf ranger, at home in the wilds and the untamed places of the woodland!

This game is with GM Helena for Two Sessions of Root: the RPG! Play is two Tuesdays in this time slot. Please be able to commit to both time slots before purchasing a ticket. 

  • Tuesday, February 20th from 7:00pm - 11:00pm Eastern
  • Tuesday, February 27th from 7:00pm - 11:00pm Eastern


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Content Warnings: stylized violence, PG-13 for language and adult themes
Pregens: No
Medium Voice + Video Optional
Platform: Discord + Google Sheets