Rapscallion (Helena Real – May 30)


Helena Real (She/her)




7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Eastern





Rapscallion (Helena Real – May 30)

Athos Seatamer, (in)famous Hand of the Law and Buckethead, lost his ship and crew a month ago while attempting to capture the renowned pirate Kirtida Shadowgale. For unknown reasons, the once incorruptible Seatamer contacted you and your crew to help him with a 'job' and, against your better judgment, you took it. The offer this (former?) Buckethead made you was irresistible, so you're even more suspicious than usual. How far will you go to obtain that which you desire the most?

Rapscallion is a tabletop roleplaying game in which you play a rambunctious crew of pirates, testing their luck against the unpredictable winds of Fate. Your crew might be a strange group—and you can’t say that you trust them completely—but at a moment’s notice, they’re ready to sail through monster-infested waters or scale a corrupt noble’s castle walls. Pirates, through and through. Each of them ready for anything.

This curated play event is a two-shot session with GM Helena Real. This game will be catered to you and your crew, ensuring your characters are the focus of the story! The Magpie Games Curated Play Program connects gamers with awesome, paid GMs who receive training and support from our staff. You can read more about the Curated Play Program here, including our Customer Service Agreement, and register for this event through the links below!

Content WarningsStylized violence, PG-13 for language and adult themes
Pregens: No
Medium: Voice and Video optional
Platform: Zoom, Roll20