Our Last Best Hope


This Our Last Best Hope corebook features:

  • 6″x9″ Softcover Book
  • Black & White Interior
  • 3 Mission Playsets
  • Free PDF via DriveThruRPG


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Our Last Best Hope is tabletop roleplaying game about a crew of people on a mission to save humanity from a terible crisis.

During the game, you and your friends will play through a classic disaster movie, like Sunshine, Deep Impact, The Core, or Armageddon, where your characters are the stars. Each game is unique, as your group condronts a new crisis with a new set of characters and a new plan to save the earth.

While playing Our Last Best Hope, you might:

  • Launch into space to stop a meteor from destroying all life on earth.
  • Drill to the center of the earth to restart its molten core.
  • Navigate zombie-filled cities to stop a nuclear holocaust.

Regardless of the crisis, you, and your crew, are our last best hope.

The PDF only fiction anthology, We Are Dust*, can be found on DriveThru: LINK

*Not included with product

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