Pronouns: she/them

Curated Play Program GM

Reyna is a lifelong storyteller who started GMing in high school and has continued guiding games for the past two decades. She uses her experience as a performer and educator to welcome new players to the roleplaying hobby and collaboratively create compelling narratives based on each group’s interests. They enjoy games that facilitate memorable worldbuilding, give players tools for dramatic roleplaying, and have a splash of high-octane action. Her favorite Magpie titles right now are Pasion de las Pasiones and Root: the Roleplaying Game. Outside of GMing, Reyna is a TRPG designer, co-directs the Boston-based larp company Enkindle Storytelling, streams RPG APs on Twitch as a core cast member of All Nerds Here, and is a voice actor for the queer sci-fi/fantasy audio drama The Penumbra Podcast.

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Customer Testimonials


“Simon’s GMing was incredibly smooth. As complicated things came up, in the story and between players, he handled everything so well that it felt like I could have been watching a full scripted TV show. He makes table that feel comfortable and safe. I would recommend his GMing to anyone – and have!“ “Simon’s GM style is a pleasure to take part in as a player. He creates a sandbox and lets the PC’s run rampant in it, but always leaves a clear path to the goal. This allows for shenanigans because the players know it won’t require too much to progress. We’re there to have fun and Simon lets us have exactly that!” “I have to mention how impressed I am with his ability to improvise scenarios. As a GM for my close friends I struggle to run games if I don’t have a solid foundation to work off of. That’s back stories, motives, maps, stats, what color shoes an NPC’s wearing! Sure, that stuff comes with time and experience. I just thought it was noteworthy. Twice now I’ve had him as my GM and I’d happily have him as my GM a third time!”

GMing Samples


Safety Tools


  • Simon uses the following tools in his games:
    • Lines
      • Sexual assault and non-consensual sexual activity
      • Racism and hate speech based on race or ethnicity
      • Homophobia and hate speech based on any and all gender identities or sexual orientations
      • Ableism and general discrimination based on ability
      • Stereotypical voices and accents
      • References to, and jokes about, the coronavirus pandemic
      • Graphic descriptions of violence / extreme gore
      • Scenes of torture
    • Veils
      • Depictions of medical procedures, especially those involving surgeries and/or needles
      • Consensual sexual activity between characters who are 18+
    • The X Card
    • Script Change
    • Enkindle’s System for consensual PvP
  • If you are not familiar with the safety tools, more information on lines and veils is available here, more about Script Change is here, more about the Enkindle System is here, and more information about the x card is available here.