Pronouns: He/Him

Curated Play Program GM

Landon has been an avid TTRPG player for 10+ years, and a GM for 5 of them. He’s played in a large variety of systems and is always looking for new ones to try. While he calls himself an “occasional GM”, he’s run multiple games in a variety of Magpie systems, particularly Masks and Urban Shadows. He’s about telling big character driven stories and letting everyone have a hand in the world of the games he GMs! He also hosts and produces his own Urban Shadows Actual Play podcast, Shadows of Saint Fleur. When he’s not playing TTRPGs, he likes to hang out with his two cats and watch a ton of horror films. He also plays way too many mobile phone games and crochets in his spare time.

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“Landon did an amazing job working character backstories into the campaign, and was very creative in how he did it.” “I thought the plot was beautifully constructed for a one shot–exactly enough to fill the time, not so much to feel like we left threads dangling”

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