Pronouns: She/Her

Curated Play Program GM

Elsbeth is a professionally trained actor, podcaster, self proclaimed nerd, and lover of all animals. She has been playing TTRPG’s since she was introduced to them by a friend in 2014. She GM’d her first session on a podcast called Protean City Comics, during which she only panicked most of the time. Since that formative experience, she has continued to run games for actual play podcasts, friends, family, and other players in the community. It is her EXTREME pleasure to contribute to a culture of inclusivity and safety in the TTRPG space. Elsbeth’s games tend to have a strong narrative thread, and room to explore. She aims to provide footholds for a new player to climb into the narrative when they may not feel comfortable exploring; and many openings for a more experienced player to find new stories to play in. Her games also lean into the PLAY aspect of the game. So if you like compelling stories and a lighthearted approach, her games may be for you!

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