The Last Days of Anglekite

The Cold Ruins of Lastlife

The Green Law of Varkith

Chaos Worlds PDF Art Book

The face of chaos!

Vivid artbook full of the original art of Juan Ochoa. This PDF-only art book contains all of the strange and impossible scenes from all three Chaos Worlds. Boneswords of Anglekite, liches of Lastlife, guild treasures of Greenlaw, and more.

Coming Soon!

Anglekite Dice Set

Will the eye reward you?

Dice set includes 1 four-sided die (d4), 2 six-sided dice (2d6), 1 eight-sided die (d8), 1 ten-sided die (d10), 1 twelve-sided die (d12). Transparent orange with a fiery eye located on the “6” face of both 2d6. Explore the realms of chaos at your table with these dice!


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