Pronouns: They/Them

Twitter: @daredevilalyx

Curated Play Program GM

Alyx is a tabletop RPG game designer, writer, artist and GM, in addition to being an activist and filmmaker. They are devoted to bringing more authentic queer Asian representation to the media and play. Crunching numbers since high school, they have recently fallen in love with games that incorporate narrative first, collaborative storytelling and worldbuilding. After a fateful Halloween night of playing Bluebeard’s Bride, there was no turning back. Alyx’s favourite Magpie titles include Cartel, Bluebeard’s Bride, and Root. When they’re not GMing, they live in the House of Verona, with their cats, Romeo and Juliet, while practicing the guitar, painting, and dancing, or out in the wilds, hiking and running. They have also recently published a D&D module through the RPG Writer’s Workshop, “The Great Zodiac Race,” an adventure that allows players to re-enact the Great Race origins myth that determined the Chinese Zodiac and Lunar calendar. If you’re into romantic comedies, high action heists, pop culture movie references, queer panic, or entangled shenanigans, fueled by dramatic role playing, then Alyx’s games should appeal to you!

Game Schedule

Customer Testimonials


“Alyx was an excellent gm and storyteller. They created one of the most suspenseful and horror-filled experiences I’ve ever had. Truly visceral. It was such a cool experience, and a great introduction to Bluebeard’s Bride. This was my second game that Alyx gm’d, and I look forward to many more.” “Alyx encouraged us to be creative in our character concepts and made sure the characters’ stories and connections were major factors in the events of the Two-Shot. It was an awesome experience!” “Alyx is really great at improvisation and crafting the sessions to the group; a friend of mine played an earlier version of the same two-shot, but our experiences (while both great!) were entirely different. Our group had some pretty ridiculous (in the best possible way) character concepts that only became more ridiculous once we talked about them and about debts… and Alyx just rolled with it, having just as much fun with it as the rest of us. They really gave each character their time to shine and used out own backstories against us beautifully. I had so much fun!” “Alyx actively sought to include every player and provide opportunities for their character to shine. They worked hard to evaluate player’s needs and comfort level without being asked and this measurably improved the experience.” “Alyx is the monarch of controlled chaos and I *love* it. They are able to just roll with whatever nonsense the players come up with.”

Safety Tools


Alyx uses the following tools in their games:

  • Lines and Veils
    • Lines:Spiders, Bigotry (racism, trans antagonism, homophobia, misgendering, etc.), misogyny (unless built into the system), sexual assault, self harm, and suicide. 
  • The X Card
  • Open Door Policy

If you are not familiar with the safety tools, more information on lines and veils is available here, while more information about the x card is available here.