Masks: A New Generation



Be the hero you want to be!

Halcyon City has had more than its fair share of superheroes, superteams, supervillains, and everything in between. 

Your team of young supers must forge your own path amidst the pressures of a world full of people telling you what to do and who to be, and kick some butt along the way! 

Masks: A New Generation is a superhero tabletop roleplaying game full of action, youthful angst, and dazzling bravery. Take on the roles of members of the latest generation of superheroes, young adults trying to figure out who they are and what kind of heroes they want to be.

| 3-5 players | 2-4 hour sessions | Rated Teen | PbtA |


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System Highlights


The Team Pool is the key way they lend each other a hand!


When the villain hits you, it’ll hurt, yeah—but the real danger is how they make you feel, and what you’ll do to vent those feelings!

Labels & Influence

Are you dangerous, a savior, a freak, superior, or mundane? Over the course of the game, your self-image will determine what you’re good at!


Packed full of guidance and stunning exclusive full color artwork by artist Michael Lunsford, this 6”x9” book contains the Masks’s world and ruleset, equipping you with everything you need to make your own memorable characters and villains, and craft your own thrill-packed adventures.

Deck of Influence

Know who pulls your heart-strings!

The Deck of Influence includes influence cards and conditions cards to make playing your next game of Masks as easy as possible!

The Deck has 55 cards, each with full-color art and all the rules you need in an easy to reference form.

Deck of Villainy

Unmask the villains! 

The Deck of Villainy is full of 54 dastardly villains, ready for your next game of Masks.

Each card includes the villain’s drive, moves, conditions, powers, background—everything you need to send them into battle against your game’s young heroes!

Masks Dice

Kick butt and roll some dice! 

Each pair features a mask icon instead of the “6” face. Order a set of brightly superheroic colored dice for your character or get them all and enjoy the fun with your whole team!

Halcyon City Herald Collection

The Halcyon City Herald Collection is a supplement full of new places, new faces, and exciting new mysteries. With five new playbooks: 

  • The Innocent 
  • The Joined
  • The Newborn
  • The Reformed
  • The Star

Expose city-wide conspiracies!

Secrets of A.E.G.I.S.

Secrets of A.E.G.I.S. is a supplement centered around Halcyon City’s most notorious metahuman covert law enforcement agency. Includes two new playbooks: 

  • The Brain
  • The Soldier 

Join an elite force and stop evil in its tracks!


Unbound is a supplement that explores a multiverse of new settings and possibilities. Includes three new playbooks to enjoy: 

  • The Harbinger
  • The Nomad
  • The Scion

Explore the multiverse!


Basic Moves

Core Playbooks

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Awards & Ackowledgments
  • Masks Core Rulebook: 2017 Ennie Award winner
  • Masks Core Rulebook: 2017 Golden Geek Game of the Year Award runner-up
  • Masks Core Rulebook: 2017 IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Award winner

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