Mariam Ahmad

Mariam Ahmad

Mariam Ahmad

Curated Play Program GM

Mariam is a streamer, podcaster, writer, and GM for the Curated Play Program. They have been playing and running games for about a decade at local gaming groups and gaming conventions like Gen Con, Breakout, Acadecon and Big Bad Con. They enjoy trying out a variety of games, but gravitate towards games like A Quiet Year, Pasion de las Pasiones, and BlueBeard’s Bride. Their GM style involves collaborative interpersonal storytelling, drama, and a lot of puns. 
Outside of the Curated Play Program, Mariam can be found streaming on Huetopia, GMing The Musafirs Podcast, and working on their South Asian fantasy setting, Sarzameen. 

Pronouns: They/Them

Twitter: @media_junkie


Game Schedule

This GM does not currently have any events scheduled. Please check back in 1-2 weeks for the next play cycle.

Customer Testimonials

Mariam did a great job of including a group of internet strangers with differing ttrpg experience in a game that none of us had played before. They built a strong game quickly based on our characters and kept everyone engaged, giving us a great time and a chance to play a game that requires a lot of care and skill to run.”

“I loved how Mariam took us through character creation! It really felt collaborative, which I appreciated. They also did a great job of voicing the creepiness of the setting, and then coming up with a resolution that fit the story the group of us told.”

Safety Tools

Mariam uses the following tools in their games:

  • Lines and Veils
  • The X/N/O Cards
  • Stars and Wishes
  • The Open Door Policy

If you are not familiar with the safety tools, more information on lines and veils is available here, while more information about the x card is available here.