Diana Moon (she/her)


Diana Moon (she/her)
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Mar 05 2021


Eastern time
8:00 pm - 11:55 pm





Passing (Diana Moon – March 5)

You came  in waves from the planet Sun-Lost, each wave trying to understand Earth and negotiate a better relationship with it. So much for that. Now all of you are stuck here in 1950’s suburban America, hidden as humans with seemingly normal lives. Can you keep your secrets and escape the witch hunt as your suburban town tries to root out the aliens? Can you work with your Cell to pull off daring and dangerous missions, and maybe even change the tide of your fates? 

The year is 1956. A decade ago, Earth received its first confirmation of extraterrestrial life when the spaceship Ocean-Seeker crashed to the ground. Since then, two more ships came from the planet Sun-Lost, trying to rescue those who were stranded. You were on one of those ships. All rescue missions have failed. Now, all you can do is try to survive. You look like an upstanding member of the community: you go to work, you chat with your neighbors… But when no one’s looking, you’re sneaking through the alien testing facility to release your captured family, or maybe you’re trying to infiltrate the Alien Eradication Unit in what the humans would call “covert ops”.

In Passing, you play shape-shifting aliens in the suburbs of 1950’s American. Tell stories of alien fiction: desperately trying to keep a balance in your double life while you undertake dangerous undercover missions in the midst of a world that would rather have you dead.

This curated play event is a one-shot session with GM Diana Moon. The Magpie Games Curated Play Program connects gamers with awesome, paid GMs who receive training and support from our staff. You can read more about the Curated Play Program here, including our Customer Service Agreement, and register for this event through the links below!

Content Warnings: General Adult Situations
Pregens: No
Medium: Voice + Video optional
Platform: Zoom, Google Sheets

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