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Oct 16 2021


Eastern time
12:00 pm - 2:10 pm



Magpie Games Design Seminar: Anatomy of a Move

Join the Magpie Games community as we explore the anatomy of a PbtA move!

While playbooks, two six-sided dice, and other trappings of Apocalypse World are common in Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) games, the most commonly used element is the move. Join Magpie Games co-founder Mark Diaz Truman (Avatar Legends RPG, Roo RPG, Cartel, Urban Shadows) as he explores what makes moves work and how to use them in your designs!

We will be hosting this seminar in our Discord, where a Zoom link will be posted. The seminar will be 90 minutes, including a 10-minute break and 30 minutes for questions after the seminar ends. Questions are to be posted in the Discord chat channel for the seminar.

Schedule beginning at 12 pm Eastern:
12:00 PM Eastern: Part 1: 40 minutes
12:40 PM Eastern: 10 min break
12:50 PM Eastern: Part 2: 40 minutes
1:30 PM Eastern: 10 Minute Break
1:40 PM Eastern: Q+A: 30 minĀ 

After Mark’s talk, community GMs will be running a small selection of games. So come, hang out, learn, and join us for a fun day of PbtA!

Sold out!

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