Anita Wiebe (she/they)


Anita Wiebe (she/they)
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Oct 31 2021


Eastern time
8:00 pm - 11:55 pm





Crossroads Carnival (Anita Wiebe – October 31)

The carnival has arrived. The lights on the edge of town offer promises of delights to assuage the oppression of the dust bowl. But darkness lingers and freaks on the outskirts of society must fight against it… Or succumb to it.

Beneath the midway lights of theĀ Crossroads Carnival, you and your fellow performers are drawn into an aged battle between light and dark. You wander from one desperate town to the next, struggling to keep your humanity and save the souls of the rubes. But the cost is high, and personal deals with the darkness itself may be the only way to save others.

This curated play event is a one shot session with GM Anita Wiebe. The Magpie Games Curated Play Program connects gamers with awesome, paid GMs who receive training and support from our staff. You can read more about the Curated Play Program here, including our Customer Service Agreement, and register for this event through the links below!

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