Joie Martin (she/they)


Joie Martin (she/they)
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Sep 27 2021


Eastern time
8:00 pm - 11:55 pm





Bluebeard’s Bride: The Academy (Joie Martin – September 27)

Explore the austere winter landscape of Wolfmoor Academy as its newest Teacher. Uncover mysteries and perils alike, as you discover secrets hidden beneath the boarding school’s gothic facade. Will you accept the Headmaster’s proposal of marriage, succumb to one of Wolfmoor Academy’s hidden horrors, or find some fleeting hope amidst the desolation?

Explore Bluebeard’s academy and create your own beautifully tragic version of the dark fairy tale with Bluebeard’s Bride. Experience the horrific memories that haunt the rooms of this broken place and discover the truth of what happened here.

In this game you and your friends explore Bluebeard’s school as the Teacher, creating your own beautifully tragic version of the dark fairy tale. Investigate rooms, discover the truth of what came before, experience the nightmarish phantasmagoria of this broken place, and decide whether or not you are a faithful or disloyal bride.

This curated play event is a one-shot session with GM Joie Martin. The Magpie Games Curated Play Program connects gamers with awesome, paid GMs who receive training and support from our staff. You can read more about the Curated Play Program here, including our Customer Service Agreement, and register for this event through the links below!

Adult Content: Bluebeard’s Bride explores mature themes concerning abuse, domestic violence, and sexism.

Content Warnings: Graphic violence, violence against women, reproductive violence, allusions to sexual violence, gaslighting, allusions to trauma, potential violence against children, potential references to miscarriage or abortion. The game may include these CWs, but will be determined by lines and veils.
Pregens: No
MediumVoice and video optional

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Bluebeard's Bride (Joie Martin) 09/27/21

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