Expansion Book (Our Last Best Hope)

Expansion Book (Our Last Best Hope)


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This Our Last Best Hope supplement features:

    • 6"x9" Softcover Book

    • Black & White Interior

    • 4 Basic Mission Playsets

    • 4 Advanced Mission Playsets

    • 6 Setting Hacks Free

    • PDF via DriveThruRPG

The Our Last Best Hope Expansion Book is a supplement for Our Last Best Hope, a roleplaying game in which you play a crew of brave people trying to save Humanity from a terrible Crisis.

In this Expansion Book, you'll find four new basic playsets, including The Core and Giant Monster Missions, that are instantly ready for use with the basic game. You'll also find four advanced Missions, including the Fantasy Adventure and Superhero Missions, new playsets that change a few of the key rules of the game and/or give you new roles to try out.

Finally, you'll also discover three new Hacks that let you use the Our Last Best Hope mechanics to play entirely new games, allowing you to wander through dreamscapes implanting memories and explore alien ruins on distant worlds.

*Requires core game to play

***Downloadable play materials available here.

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