Tarot of Servants (Bluebeard&

Tarot of Servants (Bluebeard's Bride)


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The Tarot of Servants is a supplement for Bluebeard’s Bride that includes:

    • 84 fully illustrated cards

    • Original Major Arcana

    • Rider Waite readings

    • Deck of Thoth readings

    • Create your own servants in the game

Do you dare to peek behind the curtain and see your fate?

The Tarot of Servants is a fully illustrated dark-occult tarot that features horrors from Bluebeard’s mansion. This 84 card deck twists the traditional Rider Waite tarot and expands what is possible with several alternate Major Arcana from the Deck of Thoth.

The Tarot of Servants is inspired by the dark fairy tale roleplaying game Bluebeard’s Bride and contains all you need for traditional readings, custom readings, or to make servants for a game of Bluebeard’s Bride.

The Tarot of Servants PDF Companion* can be found here on DriveThru RPG: LINK

*Not included

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