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The Play's the Thing (Classics)


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This The Play's The Thing corebook features:

    • 6"x9" Softcover Book

    • Black & White Interior

    • 4 Actor Types

    • Free PDF via DriveThruRPG

The Play’s The Thing is a storytelling game about actors who want to rewrite the Shakespearean roles they’ve been given.

You and your friends tell the story of an acting troupe that is scheduled to perform a new play, but has a lot of disagreements about how that play should go. While the playwright might present you with a classic Shakespearean folio, you’ll use your imagination and wit to craft new events and excitement in old stories.


    • If Ophelia never drowned…and killed Claudius herself.

    • If Romeo never met Juliet…but fell in love with Mercutio.

    • If Othello figured out that Iago was to blame…or secretly plotted to kill him first.

In The Play’s The Thing, one player takes on the role of the playwright, the writer and director of the play, and the rest of you portray actors (Hams, Leads, Villains, and Ingenues) who are cast in roles. As you work your way through the acts of the play, you’ll suggest changes that the playwright has to incorporate into the work, making The Bard’s stories even better.

***Downloadable play materials available here.

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