Standard Bundle (Cartel)

Standard Bundle (Cartel)


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This Cartel bundle includes:

    • Cartel
    • Map of Durango
    • Deck of Locations
    • Stickers for all 3 Santos Candles
    • Cartel Dice (10d6)
    • Free PDFs via DriveThruRPG


    • 8"x8" Hardcover Book
    • Full Color Interior + Silk Bookmark
    • Stamped & Embossed Cover
    • 7 Core Playbooks + GM Materials
    • Free PDF via DriveThruRPG

Map of Durango

    • 11"x17" map marked with useful locations in Durango
    • Sturdy cloth material that won't fade or rip

Deck of Locations

    • 54 cards, each with a different location in Durango
    • Full-color photo and description for each card
    • Custom move written for each location

Santos Candles Stickers

    • 3 prayer candle stickers featuring Cartel playbook art
    • A custom prayer written by Miguel Ángel Espinoza

Cartel Dice

    • 10 six-sided dice
    • Swirl of red & green
    • Sugar skull located on the “1” face

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