Chatting With Connie

We’ve kept our gaming calendar filled with all your Magpie Games favorites such as Masks, Urban Shadows, Bluebeard’s Bride, and many others thanks to our SUPER AWESOME GMs! But…it’s been about two months since the launch of our Avatar Legends RPG playtest games in our CPP! And needless to say, the game has been a huge hit—most sessions sell out within minutes! 

We decided to check in with one of our GMs for the Curated Play Program, Connie Chang to learn firsthand how the Avatar Legends RPG playtests are going.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be a Magpie gm?

My name is Connie (they/he/she), and I’m a 1.5-generation Chinese-American screenwriter, game designer, and professional GM! I got into GMing for Magpie after a friend recommended me—Magpie reached out and the rest is history, as they say. When I’m not busy running games for the CPP, I’m the GM and producer behind Transplanar RPG, an all-transgender, people of color-led D&D 5e actual play livestream.

Are you an Avatar fan? What about it do you like? Who’s your favorite character?

I’m a BIG fan of Legend of Korra. The Ruins of Empire comic series sit proudly on my shelf. I loved how mature LoK was—the show didn’t shy away from depicting depression, PTSD, and difficult familial relationships. As for my favorite character, it’s a dead tie between everyone’s favorite bisexual shimbo Korra and Kuvira… what can I say? I have a thing for hot, evil women. (Especially ones voiced by the legendary Zelda Williams!)

What is your favorite part about running the Avatar Legends RPG playtests?

I LOVE character creation. The mechanics for designing a story hook, creating a backstory, and building a unique character are so evocative and fluid, it truly does feel like you’re setting your table up for success. I also really enjoy giving my players the opportunity to roleplay in such a rich, vividly imagined world.

What would individuals expect when playtesting the Avatar Legends RPG?

ROLEPLAY. Lots of fun, player-led roleplay. Lean into your character, your backstory, and interacting with the other players! Also, it’s fine if you spot a typo or two in the documents, it’s to be expected from a playtest. Keep an open mind, attempt awesome things in combat, and embrace the specific themes of your Avatar era.

It’s been a great experience so far, having Connie join us as a Curated Play GM! They have continuously brought excitement and creativity to each session they run!

Thanks, Connie!

If you want to check out one of Connie’s sessions or any other one of our Curated Play games (with our other awesome GMs) head over to and check out our latest schedule releases!

-Magpie Games HQ