Announcing a New Ashcan: Godkiller!

I weep for you. I weep for the violence the gods will inflict upon you, and the violence that you will inflict upon the gods. I weep for the person you used to be before you emerged in a baptism of fire and blood, smeared in the viscera of the life you could have had, your hopes ignited on a funeral pyre. I weep for your mortal heart, entangled in a body cursed with divine providence. I weep for your dreams. I weep for your home. I weep for your parents and the child they will lose.

We are thrilled to announce a new upcoming addition to our ashcans: Godkiller by Connie Chang! Godkiller is a holypunk TTRPG set in a magically irradiated realm where gods eat each other for power, survival, and pleasure. It tells stories like those in Elden Ring, God of War, and The Witcher

In Godkiller, a single player and the GM—the Godkiller and the Godweave a mythic, violent, and transformative tale about a single mortal rising against the challenges of the divine. The gods in Godkiller are hungry, cannibalistic, beautiful, and frightening; they have names like Little Slaughter and The Vigilance of the Hedgewoods and Lord Basphamel. Emerge in a baptism of fire and blood. Traverse divinity, violence, power, and hope. Claim your due as Godkiller or die trying. 

Which gods will you kill and which will you spare?

Connie Chang is a trans, 1.5-gen Chinese-American game designer pouring every ounce of their queer, diasporic, and antiestablishment feelings into the creation of this game. We had the pleasure of working with them as a GM for our Curated Play Program and are so excited to work with them now as a designer! 

Keep an eye out for Godkiller later this year! In the meantime, be sure to follow Connie on Twitter or Tik Tok at @byConnieChang. Or check out their website here