Bundle of Holding Up Now!
June 22, 2018

Bundle of Holding 2018

Do you love Powered by the Apocalypse as much as we do? Then you’ll want to check out the latest Bundle of Holding!

What You Get In The Bundle

This Bundle of Holding includes some amazing games at the base level, including Urban Shadows and (first time in a bundle) Bluebeard’s Bride! In addition, you’ll get three of our ashcans, works-in-progress that give you a chance to play games before they’re completely finished: The Ward, Pasión de las Pasiones, and Velvet Glove.US & DS Mockup 2017

Here’s a full list of everything in the bundle!

  • Bluebeard’s Bride: The adults-only dark-fairy-tale-inspired investigatory RPG of feminine horror in the vein of Crimson Peak, American Horror Story, and The Company of Wolves.
  • Urban Shadows: Vampires, wizards, and their hunters vie for political control of a modern-day city, like you’d see in The Dresden Files, Angel, and Supernatural.
  • Velvet Glove: Play a teenage girl in a gang on the streets of 1970’s America, drawn from exploitation movies like Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!, and Switchblade Sisters.
  • The Ward: Life, death, and all the stress that happens in between. Author Kevin Petker drew on shows like ER, House, and Scrubs.
  • Pasión de las Pasiones: Sit on the couch with la familia and experience desire, betrayal, and family. Author Brandon Leon-Gambetta was inspired by shows like Jane the Virgin, Ugly Betty, and La Reina del Sur.

Pledge more and get Avery Alder’s groundbreaking Monsterhearts 2, along with Bedlam Hall, Undying, Bluebeard’s Bride: Book of Rooms, and Urban Shadows: Dark Streets.

  • Undying: Paul Riddle’s diceless tabletop roleplaying game about vampirism, where you are the predator—and every predator needs prey.
  • Bluebeard’s Bride: Book of Rooms: Ready to use at the table with fully illustrated rooms that include fleshed-out threats to the Bride, mysterious objects that cajole closer inspection, and horrors that lurk in the shadows.
  • Urban Shadows: Dark Streets: This first supplement for Urban Shadows expands on the game’s original vision to offer new choices, new settings, and new mechanics.

Why You Should Buy It

This is the first time some of these games have been offered in a bundle, and the bundle itself is worth over $100 if it were offered in retail. In addition, you will be supporting upcoming designers and established minority designers, including our own Mark Diaz Truman, Marissa Kelly, and Sarah Doombringer, as well as Avery Alder, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Brandon Leon-Gambetta, and the many others who contributed to these books.

Part of your donation will also go to Doctors Without Borders, a non-profit dedicated to bringing medical care to everyone who needs it, especially in times of crisis. We at Magpie Games believe every person has a right to healthcare, and we’re pleased to offer them our support.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your 2d6 and get gaming!

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